60 liter waterproof backpack


60 liter waterproof backpack

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*** Specification:
1. Material: PVC + Nylon + Polyester
2. Content: 60L
3. Color: blue-black; Black gold; Blue-gray
4. Size.74 X 47 cm (H X W)
5. Maximum length: up to 92 cm
6. Weight: 0.86 kg
7. Suitable for: like hiking, outdoor activities, traveling, camping …

*** Functions:
1. Waterproof and floating, keep your utensils in absolute dry
2. Waterproof and stainless
3. Easy to clean and durable.
4. Ideal for outdoor sports: rafting, canoeing, driving, and fishing.
5. Can contain all your personal belongings inside including: cell phone, MP3, PDA, camera etc. on it
6. Protect your belongings from dirt, water, snow, rain, and all kinds of damage, just enjoy your outdoor life freely.

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