Walkie rental


Memory channel capacity: 128 channels
Frequency band: 400-470 MHZ
– Can use dual band at the same time
– Power: 5 W
– Lithium 3,7V 4000 mAH battery
(Chargeable when needed)
– Battery charging time: 3 hours
– Battery life is about 10 hours
– Dimensions: 97 x 57 x 30 mm
Super durable, rechargeable at any time.
* Includes: Body, antenna, 01 pin
Li-ion 4000mAh, standard charger, back cover,

Combo radios include: walkie talkie, charger, Angten, headset


50k / first day

30k / next days

The product is sold at 440k / 1 device




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