Naturehike Inflatable Moisture-proof Sleeping Pad

Naturehike Inflatable Moisture-proof Sleeping Pad


Naturehike has always been working to reduce the weight of outdoor activities and create a simpler, more comfortable outdoor experience. Our camping mats are lightweight and compact, and are compact enough to be used for outdoor activities or mountain trips, cycling or hiking. There is no burden to it. You will have a perfect night.



1. Diamond design, comfortable and soft, better support, air easier to circulate;
2. Outer layer made of nylon TPU fabric, inner layer TPU sealing coating, double-layer composite pressing process, wear-resistant and waterproof;
3. Double-layer air valve, the first layer is a one-way inflation valve, containing air leakage prevention, and the second layer can be quickly deflated when opened;
4. Small size, light weight, only 420g, easy to store, more convenient to carry;
5. The inflatable bag can be used as a waterproof bag, a bag of multipurpose.

Item specifics

-Outdoor Activity: Camp
-Model Number: NH19Z032-P
-By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump
-Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress
-Material: TPU+Nylon
-Color: Blue/Orange/Navy blue/ Gray/Army green
-Mat weight: 470g
-Inflated size: 59*195*6.5cm
-Folded size: 10*10*30cm
-Fabric: Nylon TPU
-Material of air valve: TPU
-Diameter of air valve: 3.6cm
-Inflatable mattress: Air mattress
-Inflatable mat: Sleeping pad
-Sleeping mat: Naturehike sleeping pad
-Naturehike: Moistureproof mattress





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