Paddle holder for paddleboard Aqua Marina B0302289

Paddle holder for paddleboard Aqua Marina B0302289



Paddle holder for paddle board Aqua Marina B0302289 is practical complement, for every paddleboard with D shape ring. There for is easy attachable and it is ready to be used. The wide Velcro zip aloud paddle to be fast attached. Thanks to the versatile attachment the holder is suitable for all different type and paddle sizes. This paddle holder is great solution for a times, when you don’t want to paddle and need a rest or solution, for putting it a side when on shore. With the paddle holder for Aqua Marina B0302289 there is no risk of losing or floating paddle away.

Product description:

  • Practical paddle holder
  • D-shaped ring attachment for paddleboards
  • Strong Velcro zip
  • Suitable for all type and sizes paddle
  • Dimension: 15×10 cm
  • Material: neoprene

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