Protecter FOX


Protection Ministry knees Fox limbs go phượt appropriate, long-distance travel by motorcycle, motorcycles .., adventure sports.
Protectorate Fox brand motorcycle is one of the many riders brand, adventure tourism most correct. With its robust design, quality and safety, you can confidently choose the weevil 1 armor to his feet along the Fox journey phượt.
– With lightweight plastic material, good hardness, beautiful design
– Logo Fox
– Padding in soft breathable
– Velcro loop tape to make sure

– Weight: 450 grams
4 items: 2 + 2 bundle kit for hand-foot pillow
The plastic layer to withstand high physical impact
The inner layer of padding feels comfortable softness, reduces shock on impact

Liên hệ: Thích Đi Phượt

100 Nguyen Chi Thanh (2nd floor), Hai Chau, Da Nang

Shop mở cửa : 9a.m to 9p.m

Hotline: 0905 199 987 – 0905 080 010

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