Tent tree 3 person


Tent tree 3 person

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The tree-hanging tent is a three-person product, which comes with a removable tent cover, giving the user the opportunity to experience freedom at a new height.


You are looking for camping solutions for all terrain, a safe home for wilderness vacations, a quiet place on the mountains or the coast, a dose of easy to carry, Removing the terrain restrictions, only limited by the sky is a perfect choice.


Suspension can raise the tent on the ground to a sufficiently wide range, easy to use under various conditions, especially in areas where the ground is uneven with many roots or rocks.
Can be used alone or in combination to make a large shack, from 3 tents or more.
Maximum load up to 300 kg.
3 sets of suspension straps with adjustable metal straps to hang and tent tent from 3 fixed points at an altitude of 1.2 meters, with a capacity of 2 tons.
Curved hut creates a comfortable space inside the tent.
Waterproof tent cover, which can cover tents in bad weather or disassembled to make coverings.
The tent covered nearly 6 square meters underneath the tent, used to store balos and bicycles when it rained.
Suitable for 3 adults or 2 adults and children, including storage. Usable for all 4 seasons.