Sup Aqua Marina Perspective SUP 300 cm (9’9″)

Sup Aqua Marina Perspective SUP 300 cm (9’9″)


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Type: SUP inflatable pump
Manufacturer: Aqua Marina
Size: see specifications
Material: Super Drop Stitch Fabric
Color: many colors
Origin: China
12 month warranty for the body

SUP Aqua Marina Perspective is the most suitable choice for those who first step onto the SUP platform. Specially designed with two-sided floats and wide body panels make you feel more confident and not afraid to fall on the move.
The nose creates balance and stability, reducing stalling.
Thickness of 10cm, PVC material with Double Drop-Stitch technology super durable wall.
The float from the nose to the side of the board helps stabilize.
The middle fins help to increase the orientation when rowing.
EVA Foamed EVA Foam, non-slip hexagonal texture.
D-ring on the back of the board to attach appliances or safety belts, avoid falling over the falls.
Flexible bungee strap.
Optimal gas pressure up to 15psi

+ Length: 300cm
+ Width: 70cm
+ Height: 10cm
+ Gas pressure: 15psi

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