Sup Aqua Marina Thrive 300 cm (9’9″)

Sup Aqua Marina Thrive 300 cm (9’9″)


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Type: SUP inflatable pump
Manufacturer: Aqua Marina
Size: see specifications
Material: Super Drop Stitch Fabric
Color: many colors
Origin: China
12 month warranty for the body

The aqua Aqua Thrive is attached to Aqua Marina’s Go-anywhere, do-anything and All-around slides. Thrive is inspired by sea turtles, with a mix of white, black and blue. Ideal for those who want to paddle in calm waters or patting the waves gently

Allows user weight up to 90 kg.

15 cm thick with Drop-Stitch technology

Can be mounted with optional seats

The steering wheel is easily removable

Durable stainless steel D-ring for attaching the lanyard attachment, avoid falling off the board

Flexible bungee cord to tie the luggage

Optimal air pressure in all conditions up to 15psi

Padded tail


+ Length: 300cm
+ Width: 70cm
+ Height: 15cm
+ Gas pressure: 15psi

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