Dry bag 20L Sealock

Dry bag 20L Sealock


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-Storage instructions
+ Clean with a damp cloth or wash with a dampened dishwashing liquid.
+ Do not use hard material rub strongly on the surface of the bag to affect the quality of the fabric reduces the waterproofing properties of the bag.

Type: travel accessories
Manufacturer: Sealock

-Material: Made of PVC plastic and TPU 500D with excellent durability, smooth surface, easy to clean, light weight, friction-resistant.

+ Intelligent locking to ensure water can not penetrate. At the same time, when the bag closes, it will form a carrying strap for the bag.
+ When necessary, turn the bag into a lifejacket by allowing air to fill the bag and lock the bag.
+ Products have eye-catching colors suitable for activities: swimming, fishing, boating, diving, surfing, climbing …
– Accessories included: cross straps.


+ Capacity: 20L
+ Bag mouth diameter: 38cm
+ Bottom diameter: 36cm
+ Height: 58cm
Material: PVC, TPU
Color: many colors
Origin: China

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