Hammock Naturehike NH18D002-C

Hammock Naturehike NH18D002-C


Trademark: Naturehike


Sturdy and breathable nylon 210T
– The two sides of the hammock using soft material TPU
– Two-layer intelligent gas valve, sure
– Easy to fold away

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Resilient, breathable, waterproof

Naturehike Hammock NH18D002-C is made of 210T nylon, which is used to make durable and breathable umbrellas. Lightweight, abrasion resistant and high strength up to 200kg. In addition, the product is also waterproof, good for long durable use.


Good strength, comfortable use
The hammock sides use soft TPU material, which provides a comfortable and pleasant experience for the neck of the user when lying down. Ropes and connectors are strong, withstand high traction, helping to keep the hammock balanced, avoiding shaking.

Comfortable hammock

Good hooks and straps

Valve structure is sure
The gas valve is designed to ensure maximum leakage during use. In addition, the gas valve with intelligent double layer structure so users only need to pull up the first layer to inflate and the second layer to ventilate very conveniently.

The gas valve is sure

Compact and fast
You can fold the hammock neatly, convenient to carry away. Seamlessly and skillfully seam helps to prolong product life. Hammam Naturehike NH18D002-C suitable for use in picnics, picnics, camping …


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