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    3.5 KM TAKING THE POSSIBILITY LOOK !!! Zoom closer to a distance of 30 cm, designed with the independent third round. The lens is equipped with anti-glare layer of super-grade, extremely visible. The shell is covered with a layer of soft rubber and fine nano. Compact design, easy to take with you SPECIFICATIONS: - Model: 10x30x25 - Magnification: 10-30 times, adjust as needed between eyepiece diameter: 13 mm - Diameter: 25mm - Coating: Broadband green laminated film - Size: Minimum: 118 mm x 31 mm; Maximum size: 182 mm x 31 mm - OV: 10 times: 30 times 3.5: 2.0 - Focus mode: Stretch or rotate the Focus (flanks) DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION: - Inside & outside: body mirror metal parts, some rubber parts elastic - Coating: Broadband multi-layered green paint Nikula 10-30x25 Binoculars have all 3 positions to customize the images observed: 1. The first cycle (near the eyepiece): Enlarge image 10x to 30x from landing 2. Monday turnover (between relatives binoculars): Searching objectives should be observed. The more distant destination, you have to rotate as much, the body has been extended binoculars & greater magnification 3. pull the glass pipes: When you rotate the 2nd roundabout all sizes that have not yet "screening" to find the picture because too far, use to pull the glass tube to improve & magnification range. Now you can clearly see distant objects take 3,500 m A very unique thing Nikula binoculars zoom lens 1 Pipe 3 is the user can "of the" the 1 zoom len with unmatched magnification camera or smartphone !! Liên hệ: Thích Đi Phượt 187 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng Shop mở cửa : 9a.m to 9p.m Hotline: 0905 199 987 - 0905 080 010