Dao xếp bỏ túi Gerber paraframe mini stainless serrated

Dao xếp bỏ túi Gerber paraframe mini stainless serrated


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Genuine Gerber
– Knives Gerber fobs ratings Paraframe Mini Stainless serrated knife is the microcosm of Paraframe I Stainless.
– Very compact size and lightweight is a strong point of this line of mini knives, knives are the most appropriate line for women because of its convenience, you can easily store them in bags, wallets, …
– Also suitable for Phượt trips, tourism, picnic uphold neatly in luggage
– Integrated clamp pad on the hilt, to bring even more easily than ever before when just a manipulation can grip a knife to your belt, pants belt, pocket, backpack …
– Material stainless steel, carbon hight.
– Turn the blade with just one finger
– Lock automatically when you open the knife blade, ensuring safety when working hands
* Silver
* Size:
Overall length: 15,24 cm
Stowed length: 7.8 cm
Length blade: 5.6 cm
* Weight: 40 gr
* Warranty: 25 years of genuine

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