Bình pha cafe tự động MokaPot-Italya -3cup

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Bình pha cafe tự động MokaPot-Italya -3cup



The MokaPot-Italya automatic cafeteria is ideal for camping trips, or for making coffee for friends when they arrive home quickly and on the go.


Easy to mix, just pour water and cafe directly into the pot and boil. You will soon have a cup of delicious coffee to enjoy when you wake up in a place far away with the great taste of coffee in the hands of very skilled music notes within a few notes.


Small pot: 300k to 249k (suitable for 1 person)

Large bottle: 400k only 329k (suitable for> 2 people)

What to wait. You deserve to reward yourself with such wonderful, beautiful and tasty mornings.

Quick contact phone number 0905199987 or 0905080010 to order. Or you can inbox the message directly to your store’s Fanpage here: https://www.facebook.com/phuotdanangstore/

Liên hệ: Thích Đi Phượt

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Shop mở cửa : 9a.m to 9p.m

Hotline: 0905 199 987 – 0905 080 010



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