Gopro Dual Charger for Hero 7/6/5 (Genuine)

Gopro Dual Charger for Hero 7/6/5 (Genuine)


– Dual Charger included Battery for Gopro Hero 7, Hero 6 and Hero 5
– Includes battery backup
– Compatible with Supercharger
– Built-in LED notification

Warranty: 12 months Genuine (Nationwide)

Accessories included: Dual battery charger, Hero7 battery, USB cable, Warranty


Gopro is a very popular brand in the camcorder market. All upgrades from Hero 3 to 5, 6 and now 7 have incorporated new features and improved camera quality. However, energy is a matter that users of this type of equipment always pay special attention. So along with the improved versions of the Hero 7 Black camcorder, Gopro also launched the dual charger for the device.

Compatible with the Supercharger, you can quickly charge the battery of Hero 5, Hero 6 or Hero 7 with 45% faster. Charge status is displayed via integrated LED. With a spare battery pack, this rechargeable battery system will provide enough power for you to operate the device all day long, so convenient, right?

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