Gloves Probiker

Gloves Probiker



Pro-biker is a famous brand used by many professional racers. The Pro-biker MCS-04 (finger-tipped) gloves have a sporty design that appeals to bikers. As a professional you should buy yourself a pair of pro-biker to be ready for the new journey. Gloves are flexible, good protection for the steering wheel is important before each journey. Also, when not in use to run the car you can use Pro-biker gloves to exercise, breathing soles, …

Product Name: Pro-biker gloves MCS-04

– Brand: Pro-biker

– Color: Black

– Size: DxRxC cm): 18x11x3

– Weight (Kg): 0.12


With elastic fabric, ventilation helps to sweat easy hand, comfortable movement. Hard rubber grips help to protect the joints in a perfect way when impacted.


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